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IEEE Educational Activities Credentialing Program adds value to your educational events so technical professionals can stay current in their fields. As an educational content provider, your organization can present IEEE credentials that offer continuing education units (CEUs), professional development hours (PDHs), and/or credentials that demonstrate completion.  IEEE will review the content and qualify your learning event ahead of time so attendees know your event aligns with the high standards of IEEE. 

All learning event topics must be within IEEE's fields of interest:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Sciences and Information Technology
  • Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Technical Communications
  • Education

How To Become an Approved IEEE Credential Provider (Companies outside of IEEE)

External organizations interested in offering IEEE credentials (PDH's/CEU's) at events that are not sponsored by IEEE should complete the approved provider application first. You will be asked to include course descriptions, instructor bio's, agendas and company information.  A notice will be sent to you within two weeks if your organization is qualified to be a provider of IEEE credentials. If you are approved, you may submit unlimited applications for your events.  Next steps will be provided once you are approved. 


External providers will need to follow our Credentialing Terms and Conditions in order to offer certificates for their customers.


Internal IEEE Societies, Sections, Conferences (Departments within IEEE)

IEEE OUs, Societies, Sections, and Chapters are also eligible to offer IEEE credentials for qualified events and do not need to apply above to become an approved provider. If you are an IEEE OU, Society, Section, or Chapter, please contact us at: eab-ceuadmin@ieee.org and ask how you an upload your events into the platform for approval.

Pricing/Subscription Plan 

Your organization pays for each credential issued to your participants regardless of the type of credential or instructional hours. The credentials are emailed directly to the participants and require no additional work on your part.  An invoice will be sent after each event.

Companies that host larger or reoccurring learning events have the option of purchasing a subscription plan which offers discounted pricing. If your organization is interested in a subscription plan, please contact us at eab-ceuadmin@ieee.org for more information.

IEEE Credentialing Process For Learning Events

  1. Organization logs into the online application link (listed above) and includes instructor bios, course abstracts and logistics for the event.
  2. IEEE Program Specialist reviews the application and approves event. Provider is notified via email.
  3. Approved provider holds the educational event and participants submit an evaluation form at the end of event.
  4. Approved provider submits attendee roster along with participants' evaluation forms back on the application portal.
  5. IEEE Program Specialist issues credentials directly to participants via email.
  6. An invoice is sent to the approved provider after successful completion.