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Q: One of the recipient is missing his/her certificate from an event that was already processed. Their evaluation form was already submitted and their name and email address was provided on the attendee roster. 

A: There has been a significant increase in email client security, particularly for email addresses belonging to business domains. As a workaround, you or the recipients can use Accredible's Credential Retrieve Tool to access credentials already issued. We have found that the Retrieve Tool often bypasses the same delivery problems as normal credential emails, and this will give your recipients access to the credential immediately. If they ever lose their credential URLs again in the future, they will always access them from the Retrieve Tool. You or your recipients can enter the email provided on their evaluation form.

Q: I have late evaluation forms but I already submitting the supporting documentation. What should I do?

A: We request event organizers wait a few days to give learner's time to submit their forms before uploading documentation for certificate issuance. If you already submitting evaluation forms and roster but the application is showing as pending, please e-mail eab-ceuadmin@ieee.org and we can open the application back up. 

However, if the application was processed, please use the 'copy application' action found under the Action column under Complete submissions. This will re-create the application and you can upload the additional evaluation forms and a new roster. Please only include new information. 

Q: How are continuing education credits calculated?

A: Continuing education credits are calculated based on strictly instructional hours (without breaks) and all educational content must fall within IEEE's fields of interest (STEM topics). Each learning event must be at least one hour in length to qualify for credits. 

1 hour of instructional hours = 0.1 CEU/1 PDH

10 hours of instructional hours = 1 CEU/10 PDH